Bell bottoms: The perfect formal attire

Bell bottoms have invaded our wardrobes since the summer, and now it is part of the winter formal outfits. I also wore bell bottoms on Eid earlier this year, which were cotton and perfect for the Indian summer we were having in september.

The bell bottoms have been taken up by all Pakistani designers, and celebrities have been seen flaunting them stylishly.

Here our top picks:

1: First up we have Feeha Jamshed who has paired her flared trousers with a dress top, and is seen in her own creation

2: The ravishing Mahira Khan is seen in a stylish Mahgul outfit- the top is tailored and compliments the flared trousers perfectly

3: Finally the lovely Sanam Jung is seen here in a lovely blush pink Sammy K outfit, the top is also a dress similar to the one worn by Feeha Jamshed. The bell bottom trouser worn here is finished with a dainty lace.

The bell bottom is perfect for the winter wedding, and can be paired with shawl to keep warm but fashionable at the same time.


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