Chokers- The perfect style statement for this season

Chokers have invaded our accessories closet since autumn, and just when you think you have seen every style available, new, gorgeous designs are introduced. I, for one, am huge fan of chokers, I think they round off the outfit perfectly and provides a edgy and sophisticated look. Retailers are doing every type of choker from thick velvet, lace, to even diamante for a real showstopper look.

Our celebrity inspiration for today are:


Kim Kardashion- hate her or love her but you certainly cannot ignore her and believe it or not they are usually the first to set trends on a global level and they weren’t behind on this one either. Here you can see Kim Kardashion wearing a thin velvet choker, completing her edgy look.


The second ones are obviously the Hadid sisters- These sisters are also known as global trendsetters and they carry the choker with ease. Here they are seen wearing velvet chokers with juxtaposing outfits- one supports a sophisticated outfit and the other is a chic outfit.

Our picks:


Crushed Velvet choker top, £.24- Topshop


Silver dimante wide choker, £13.49- New Look


Black thinline western choker, £5- Prettylittlething

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Finding Audrey: A refreshing YA novel

I recently finished Sophie Kinsella’s debut YA novel, and I’m so glad I have read. It is one of the most heartwarming novels I have read this year. Reading a book that is able to address a sensitive topic of social anxiety in a humorous and warm manner is refreshing.


This book is about 14 year old Audrey, who is unable to leave her house and is afraid to make any sort of social contact hence why she constantly wears dark glasses, even at home. But things start to change when her brother’s friend start to show up at their house, he approaches Audrey and with his infectious smile he is able to coax her out again- well to Starbucks at least.

‘Finding Audrey’ is a smart book that deal with the pressure of a being a teenager. The book touches on sensitive topics such as bullying and the impact it has on mental health as seen through the character of Audrey. Audrey’s family is also entertaining to read in the book, and brings the humor factor to the novel.

The family consists of a Daily Mail obsessed mother, who thinks video games are rotting her son’s brain and throws his computer out of the window. Then there’s her brother who is a typical sulky teenager with humorous and sarcastic quips for his mother. The 4 year old character of Felix is also well-written as his innocence is shown to provide enough comfort to Audrey for her to take her glasses off, and her dad is the typical, hopeless father who is unaware of what is going on. The structure of the novel goes back and forth from a transcript to a diary entry, which is creative.

Overall the book, despite being a YA novel, is suitable for all ages as it addresses the issue of anxiety which everyone can connect with it. Being a shy child from an early age, I’v always found comfort in reading, granted I do not have severe anxiety like Audrey but characteristics of her character can be identified by all anxious people. Reading this book has been a eye opener and taught me to that anxiety can be defeated in small steps, and has to be confronted before you let it lead your life.


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Bell bottoms: The perfect formal attire

Bell bottoms have invaded our wardrobes since the summer, and now it is part of the winter formal outfits. I also wore bell bottoms on Eid earlier this year, which were cotton and perfect for the Indian summer we were having in september.

The bell bottoms have been taken up by all Pakistani designers, and celebrities have been seen flaunting them stylishly.

Here our top picks:

1: First up we have Feeha Jamshed who has paired her flared trousers with a dress top, and is seen in her own creation

2: The ravishing Mahira Khan is seen in a stylish Mahgul outfit- the top is tailored and compliments the flared trousers perfectly

3: Finally the lovely Sanam Jung is seen here in a lovely blush pink Sammy K outfit, the top is also a dress similar to the one worn by Feeha Jamshed. The bell bottom trouser worn here is finished with a dainty lace.

The bell bottom is perfect for the winter wedding, and can be paired with shawl to keep warm but fashionable at the same time.

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Apricot Twist Pastry:A easy heavenly bake

I am obsessed with food, especially pastries and cakes- and there is one pastry that I have been obsessed with for quiet a long time. The apricot twist pastry.


I always pick one up from Marks and Spencers whenever I go shopping, and last week when I went to get one it turned out they didn’t have any instore- I thought I was going to have a melt down until my mum suggested that I should make it at home.

I then went online and found a few recipes and merged it into one so that I can easily follow the recipe.


P.S. It may look like you have egg yolks on the pastry but its apricots so don’t worry 🙂


  • 1 Puff pastry sheet
  • Canned apricot halves
  • Pastry cream:
    • 4 medium egg yolks
    • 65g Caster Sugar
    • 15g Plain flour
    • 15g Cornflour (You can always substitute it with 15g of plain flour)
    • 350ml Whole Milk
    • ½ tsp Vanilla extract
  1. First make the pastry cream by whisking together the sugar and egg yolks into a bowl until golden. Then add the plain flour and cornflour, whisk well. Set aside.
  2. Then place the milk and vanilla extract into a saucepan, bring to a slight simmer and stir frequently. Then remove from heat and let it cool for 30 seconds.
  3. Then pour half of the milk into the egg mixture, but make sure you add the milk slowly and whisk all the time, because if the hot milk is aded too quickly the eggs can become scrambled. Then add the mixture of the eggs and milk in tot he saucepan with remaining milk.
  4. Bring the milk to a boil, whilst whisking continuously until smooth.
  5. Then pour the cream into a bowl and cool immediately by putting the bowl in a ice bath.
  6. Preheat the oven to the gas mark 5
  7. Then cut the pastry sheet into 8 rectangles.
  8. Then empty the canned apricots.
  9. Separate and put the apricot juice into a saucepan and boil it down to its 1/3. Then add a tbsp of sugar. The juice should have a syrup like texture.
  10. Then add 1 1/2 tbsp of pastry cream to the rectangle pastry sheet. Then top it with two apricot halves (make sure you pat it dry), and close the pastry top by bringing the the two opposite corners of the rectangle together.
  11. Then bake it for 30-35 minutes or until golden brown.

This is perfect for breakfast and evening tea.


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Trendspotting: How to slay in a turtleneck

Winter is upon us and with it comes the horrible weather. But don’t be worried because we can know now slay in turtleneck sweaters with inspiration thanks to the Hadid sisters.

These are two very contrasting looks, one is perfect for a day out whereas the other is perfect for a night out with the girls. The camel coloured overcoat is perfect and compliments the turtle neck perfectly, and the loose fitted boyfriend jeans are extremely comfortable and perfect to wear in this weather. Whereas Bella Hadid has paired her turtleneck with gorgeous, leather thigh-high boots.

Our budget choice would be:


For the coat: £34.99 from New Look


For the thigh-high boots: £48:00 from Prettylittlethings


Theres various turtleneck tops, in the stores.

My top picks are Velvet pink turtleneck: £11.24 from New Look


This camel coloured turtleneck is very similar to the one worn by Gigi Hadid, this ones a absolute bargain at £4.49 from New Look



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Introduction: Who are we

Both of us sisters have always been part of two cultures and growing up we knew were lucky to experience this. Despite being born in Britain, we always went back to our roots in Pakistan. Because of this we were able to be part of different styles, uncover many fashion trends that can be merged, and finally discover two juxtaposing cultures which compliment each other in every way.

Our main aim is to be able to share our experiences with people who resonate with us, and there must be many of you, and be able to reach out to many of you.


(This was in the beautiful and extremely scenic Kagan Naran- Highly recommend it!)

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